Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grammy Protest Song

We’re pleased to announce that Varner Stomps, one of the hottest songwriting talents on the roots music scene, has signed with our company, City Roots Publishing. When Varner resurfaced after a long absence from songwriting, we jumped at the chance to feature three Stomps originals on our new CD – “Mississippi Home,” “Weather Girl,” and “Locked Out.” And if we know Varner, there are many more just like ‘em waiting in the wings. Stomps has been writing his one-of-a-kind grassroots “art songs” for the last 30 years, so why isn’t he a household name? “Good God! I’ve probably been thrown out of just about every publishing house on Music Row,” Stomps explains, laughing.“ And if my portrait here looks better than I do in person, then compliments to my lighting crew and a rare good night’s sleep.”

We’re happy to have Stomps kicking in our stable for as long as we can hold on to him. Listen here to his new, hot-off-the-voice-recorder 
Grammy Protest Song and you'll see why.